Monday, December 25, 2017

You can now actually save any kind of picture as your BBM display picture with no cropping

BBM show snap shots/avatars or “DPs” as they're known as in this components are a big deal reputedly. With more moderen BlackBerry devices and most other gadgets now taking pix in the 16:9 format as opposed to the four:3 through default, sizing pix into the square “window” supplied has grow to be an trouble however have no worry, there are smooth methods to move about it.

first of all, there's an app for that. Profile w/o cropping on android fits your display pictures irrespective of the size, factor ratio or orientation into the square container furnished in your show photograph. you can down load the app off Google play if you have an android device or grasp the apk without delay here. if you have a BlackBerry 10 device, with OS 10.2.1 you may clutch the apk as properly, or get it directly from Google Play using snap. in case you are the use of a preceding model you could sideload the bar document which you may discover here.

in case you are old faculty and do now not need to go the app path, wherehere is a quick tip, at the same time as viewing the image you need to use, flip your device ninety levels (make certain your orientation lock isn’t on) and take a screenshot. try to use the screenshot, you'll be capable of match the complete image.

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