Friday, December 22, 2017

BlackBerry Messenger is alive and still killing it

The dying of the BlackBerry OS and decline in tool recognition has brought about an expected comparable negative slide inside the BlackBerry Messenger(BBM). however opposite to perception, BBM isn't absolutely deadthey have got an Uber ace up their sleeves.

BBM is alive and kicking

‘BBM is dead!’

bet you have heard this three-worded phrase repeated in exceptional variations which you have come to consider it. nicely, be careful what you believe because our beloved messenger continues to be alive. thanks to Uber, BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) is about to make every other shot for stardom in a market that is wonderful aggressive. Techcrunch reports that the transport enterprise will incorporate its ride-hailing provider inside the BBM app.

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Uber is now available on BBM!
enabling you to request Uber rides without leaving BBM or downloading the Uber app.
10:00 AM - Dec 18, 2017
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This move will start out in Indonesia and hopefully unfold to middle East and Africa; emerging markets wherein BBM nonetheless holds sway.

thinking about Uber’s current battles and BBM’s popularity in those rising markets — particularly Indonesia — this courting is a collectively beneficial one to each eventswe shall see how it turns out.

right here’s why your vintage(er) iPhone is sluggish

In a put up on Reddit, a user observed that his iPhone 6 changed into slowing down and after some experiments and checksdetermined his old battery was in chargeapparently, the iOS software slows down older iPhones and the maximum obvious hypothesis is that this motion will spur users into shopping for new(er) iPhones.

This gave the impression of a few wacky conspiracy ideahowever the Verge reports legitimate affirmation from Apple that this was the case however of their confirmation they denied any malicious rationale.

The confirmation announcement paraphrased says the circulate become to serve customers higher.

but for the reason that this act may be interpreted in distinct ways, the query is ‘Why didn’t you tell us?’

fifth era internet (5G)

For years now, 5G has been the stuff of goals and sci-fi films but all that is about to alternate. The third technologyPartnership venture (3GPP) — the agency in price of 5G and fashionable cell standards — signed off the first respectablespecifications for 5G on Wednesday.

consistent with Fierce wireless, the specs reportedly cover help for low, mid, and high-band spectrum, from under 1 GHz, like six hundred and seven hundred MHz, all of the manner up to around 50 GHz, and encompass the 3.five GHz band.

which means that gadget and gadgets to be able to guide 5G can pass into manufacturing with this new specs.

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